US Customs Brokerage

Engaging the services of a US Customs Broker

Moving shipments in and out of the US can be complicated. Engaging the services of a US Customs Broker is the best way to navigate through a complex maze of rules and regulations. Empower Logistics can insure that your goods are cleared through the federal guidelines and delivered safely and efficiently. Our US Customs Brokerage service offering maintains Remote Location Filing (RLF) at all ports of entry around the world.

Our services include

  • Real time track and trace
  • Importer security filing (10 + 2)
  • Import compliance consulting
  • Remote Location Filing (RLF)
  • Bonds and insurance services
  • Classification and value assistance

Automated Export System (AES)

Let us file your Electronic Export Information (EEI) for you! EEI is the electronic data filed in the Automated Export System (AES). This information is mandated to be filed through the Automated Export System or ACE AESDirect and is an electronic declaration of merchandise leaving the U.S. for export to a foreign country. The EEI includes information about the sender and receiver of the goods, and about the goods being exported. If you book your own freight but need a partner to file your EEI’s, contact us as we can assist.

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